Opening Saturday 17th March 2018, Young Jamieson Fine Art Presents:

Anthony Amos – ‘The Life of the Merchant Marine’ – In Memoriam Exhibition

We are very proud to present a collection of paintings and continue the legacy of late artist and friend, Anthony Amos. To speak of Anthony as a marine artist is to give a false impression, for it is not the gin & tonic world of the weekend yachtsman but rather the less than glamorous world of the merchant marine from which he derives his images, his memories.

On The Yard Arm by Anthony Amos oil and bitumen on board of five men over the Yard Arm

Self taught as an artist, Anthony Amos’ art emerged out of his natural ability for image-making and a feeling for the topic he depicted. Across his overture of subjects, Anthony portrayed the physical and often threatening power, present in both nature and man.

The imagery captures dangerous and dirty work, of never-ending manual labour and incessant repair, typically of worn out men trying to keep worn out boats afloat. From images of salt encrusted rusting hulks, to the dust and rust of the dry dock, through beached vessels discharging onto horse-drawn carts. Ranging on to those of ancient lifeboats dragged from the surf in the teeth of a gale by women, children, and fearful horses

Tanker In Dock Anthony Amos oil and bitumen painting tanker in cork with cranes

Anthony’s painting practice lasted for some twenty years, during this period he wasted no time in producing stunning and powerful imagery. Drawing from memory and experience, together with his passion for art and masterly images, Anthony created a body of striking and moving work. Often painting on large boards his approach was a physical one, Anthony would often cast aside brushes, his fingers and rag sufficed in contradicting all the formal rules of Fine Art painting.

It is a subject in which sepia tones predominate, the colours of rust and canvas, where as much care is taken in removing paint as in applying it. The constant use of immiscible materials contradicts all the rules. All comes from the artists fertile imagination, close up, rapidly applied, no time to waste, no time to stand back and pause; the next wave may be your last.

As one collector opined, “I have spent years trying to paint the horse, and yet he achieves it with just a few scratches from the wrong end of the brush”.

Horses on the beach Anthony Amos oil and bitumen painting of horses on the beach

We would like to thank Anthony’s family, admirers, collectors, and particularly Jan Jones for the added support. Together we carry the torch for one of the most unique and unsung artistic talents from the South West of England.


You can download our catalog from the show here.

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