Victoria Graimes’ reminiscent oil paintings depict exquisite landscapes that are soft yet abundant in form. Graimes’ paintings evolve from just a simple charcoal sketch, developing as the paint is applied tonally. Layers are frequently removed to reveal previous layers, these are then reworked over time until the paintings express their own weight and presence.

Graimes originally studied Mural Design at Chelsea School of Art in 1985. She continued her studies in Textile Design at Somerset College where her final year show impressed the David Hicks Interior Design Group to the point that they purchased the entire collection. From here on, Graimes became heavily involved in producing artwork for their interior design projects. She continued to explore a career with interior designers, working within various roles, from in house with Timney Fowler I Chelsea to designing backdrops for Louis Vuitton window displays across the globe.

Victoria Graimes has been painting full time since 2007 and currently exhibits her oil paintings across the UK.

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