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Tracey Emin, born in 1963, is a contemporary artist best known for her confessional and autobiographical artwork, which she produces in various media including installation, watercolour, mono-print, neon, embroidery, photography, drawing, sculpture, film and painting.

Emin grew up in Margate and studied at Maidstone College of Art in 1986, followed by obtaining an MA in painting from the Royal College of Art in 1989. She represented Britain in the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007, becoming only the second female artist to ever do so. She became a Royal Academy Professor of Drawing in 2011.

Tracey Emin uses her life’s events as inspiration for her work, revealing her humiliations, hopes, successes and failures in both tragic and humorous ways. Her fluid and loose use of line contribute to the sense of sincerity and spontaneity of her work, and she is currently investigating the boundaries of text-based art, exploring the visual forms of writing within her work.

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