Steve Joy is an abstract painter, his paintings reflecting a vivid sense of geometry and proportion. He uses rich saturated colours, squares of silver and gold leaf and wax to create fascinating finished pieces, which on occasion, are punctuated with writing as part of the composition.

Steve grew up in Plymouth to a poor working class family, he joined the RAF early in life as he saw this as a free ticket to the world and an opportunity to educate himself. Later, he began a master’s degree at Chelsea College of Arts in London, graduating in 1981 with an M.F.A in Painting.

Exotic cultures, religions and the religious works of history fascinate Joy, in particular, Orthodox icon painting and Western European medieval works. Matisse, Duccio, Velasquez and Giotto also influence him.

Joy’s earliest works are oils on canvas; some with three-dimensional projections reflected his desire to escape from the mundane by continued travel. Later, inspired by American Abstract Expressionists such as Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko, Joy sought to break away from the formal aspects of contemporary British painting. Realising the inherent limitations of abstraction. He is committed to the idea of spiritual abstraction and the development of painting and its history from the 15th century to today.

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