Rose Blake is both an illustrator and also an artist. Her bright and witty works constantly challenge the notion that the two practices must be kept separate, that an illustration cannot resonate with meaning once parted from its text accompaniment, but that each, the painting or the illustration may stand alone with equal worth.

Rose was born in London and studied Illustration and Animation at Kingston, where she was awarded the D&AD Best New Blood Award, followed by an MA at the Royal College of Art. She has since completed many commissions for several companies, including the BBC, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The New York Times and Converse.

Blake takes inspiration from the art world, from music and the relationship between them to create her bold and playful pieces. Typical of her images are the museum/gallery-scapes where the digitally designed characters, each with their own lives and personalities, all play a part in the narrative of the scene she develops. The art on the wall in each piece is hand painted onto the image, so that Rose’s playful imagined museums are a true celebration of illustration and art combined.

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