Nic Fiddian-Green (born 1963) is a British sculptor, who specialises is making lifelike models of horses’ heads, both smaller and larger than life-sized.

It is not enough to say that Nic Fiddian Green is Britain’s most accomplished and innovative equestrian sculptor; his huge bronze horse’s head at Hyde Park Corner has literally elevated equestrian art to a new level. The various renditions of ‘Horse at Water’ express what Nic describes as “just the simple idea of the beauty of a horse”.  Except that it is not simple. These heads have a sentient, alert quality, as if they know we’re watching them. They radiate the sense of a pause just before movement, which is not surprising: these heads seem almost to pour onto their plinths, or to be balletically en pointe. And yet they also radiate an aura of calm; anybody who has encountered the monumental ‘Still Water’ at Hyde Park Corner has experienced something very like TS Eliot’s “still point in a turning world.”

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