Maria Luisa Hernandez is a contemporary sea and landscape painter, whose paintings explore sensual and dramatic natural expression. She is a native Chilean, and her inspiration comes from the raw and rugged shoreline, tempestuous seas and mercurial sunsets found in her country of birth. She has wandered across landscapes in search of waves and their accompanying thunderous applause and has found them in Africa, Europe and Australia.

Maria Luisa obtained her degree in Fine Art at the university of Chile. Shortly after, she exhibited in New York and after winning a scholarship to exhibit in Stockholm, she travelled through Europe, finally moving to London where she is currently based.

Maria Luisa paints from an eco-studio that she had constructed in the garden of her home in London. She travels widely to stimulate her creativity and then retires to create in the harmony of her sheltered work space. Maria Luisa continues exhibiting in permanent exhibitions in New York and London, and her pieces reside world-wide in international collections.

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