Born in London in 1963, Keith Haynes’ work is a playful and often nostalgic exploration of popular culture, particularly popular music culture, from his own past to the present day. Keith’s work is noteworthy for his interesting choice of materials, creating works from the ‘clutter’ of pop culture – button badges, CD’s or, more uniquely, vinyl records. Whether it’s a graphically iconic portrait or a meaningful song lyric, each piece is created from original vinyl records chosen to enhance the subject matter, for in these works the Subject and the Object are of equal importance.

“My introduction to art was through the graphic design of people like Jamie Reid & Ray Lowry which I collected on record sleeves, t-shirts and badges. These were the people that inspired me to go to art school”.

Upon leaving Harrow Art School, Keith worked as a designer and director at the BBC during which his video work was in an exhibition of experimental and avant-garde television designs held at the ICA. However, Keith’s current success stems from the connection he achieves with the viewer, evoking emotion and nostalgia, as clients are often found reminiscing around Keith’s display! Music is hugely influential within our culture and Keith’s mixed media artworks allow us to tap into that same response through music related artwork which we can display on our walls.

”In a digital world where music is losing touch with the visceral & visual, my work explores this populist art form – album sleeves, record labels, badges and, of course, beautiful, black vinyl – not only as its subject but also as its raw material.” – Keith Haynes

Haynes’ current work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and overseas & can be found in private collections in the UK, Europe, America, Hong Kong, Singapore & Australia.

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