John Van Hamersveld’s genre defining work has been has been a subject of much admiration since beginning artistic practice in the early 60s. From a young age Van Hamersveld struggled with academia and upon discovering he was dyslexic his school principal recommend they play to the boys strengths and gave him two art lessons a day. The progressive approach gave Van Hamersveld the ability to develop artistically from a young age, and although not ever committing to full time education, he had completed his most iconic piece ‘The Endless Summer’ before he completed his evening classes at the Art Centre School of Design.

‘The Endless Summer’ was created as a movie poster for an up and coming surf film of the same name which would soon become a cult classic. Van Hamersveld was 23 at the time and was paid $150 dollars to create the piece that began as a photograph of the director and two stars of the film on Salt Creek beach in Dana point. Artist Dave Tourje said the work ‘quantified the entire surf culture in one image’.

But this was just the beginning! John Van Hamersveld was later approached to create the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as well as creating several memorable album covers for The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Blondie, and Jefferson Airplane. Having established himself as a significant contemporary artist, Van Hamersveld now releases art editions of his work as well as continuing to produce new work which he categorises as ‘post-future’.

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