Joe Webb (born 1976) is a collage artist who addresses issues such as climate change, war and inequality – looking at the challenges of living in today’s modern world.

After many years of working on computers as a graphic artist, Webb turned his back on technology and started making ‘analogue’ collages. He reimagines found imagery using simple edits to make politically charged artworks and his work has become on online sensation with hundreds of thousands of people sharing his images on the internet.

As well as going viral in the virtual world, Joe has exhibited and sold work internationally, his original collages and prints being found in the Saatchi Gallery and in the collections of Coldplay, Eric Cantona, The Madden Brothers and Janelle Monae.  With artwork donations, he supports charities such as Peace One Day and the The Big Issue.

'Joe navigates a rich landscape with grace and humor, making nice with many recognizable visual pastimes. He plays them against each other in a way that puts different eras in dialogue, allowing characters to travel far from their 50’s Home Gardening Magazine roots to the far cosmos. He flirts with the themes of nostalgia and loss but ultimately composes lighthearted images that are in dialogue with today’s sampling culture, collapsing and hacking together sources from across the universe in fun and rudely jacked up color schemes.'
Wangechi Mutu, internationally acclaimed artist

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