Dave White is a contemporary British artist who dedicates his work to celebrating popular culture and interpreting emotive issues. He has been exhibited all over the world with various clients, including AOL, Nike and Air Jordan.

Dave’s refreshing approach to scale and colour aids his success, so that Dave is without doubt one of Britain’s most relevant and recognised artists of our time, building a trademark style of fluid and expressive marks using oil and watercolour, the unrefined nature of his work being rich, engaging and bold. His works are characterised by an energy of movement, achieved through the sharp splashes, drips and strokes of paint that fill the canvas in a style reminiscent of 1950s abstract expressionism.

White graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting from Liverpool John Moores University, and has enjoyed success from the inception of his career, being selected for the Northern Graduates exhibition at the Royal College of Art in 1994, where he exhibited his initial animal series.

Continuing success includes exhibiting at Sotheby’s London and his participation in several international art fairs.

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