Chloë Manasseh’s work has been exhibited internationally with exhibitions in USA, UK, Italy, Israel and Singapore. Working between painting, print, video and installation, her work pushes the imagination into visual form to interact and shape a space.

‘The Fruitfulness of Forgetting’, a solo show at The British High Commissioner’s residence in Singapore with Art Porters Gallery is one of her most notable exhibition to date. Manasseh has worked as artist in residence from Singapore to Morocco and while having an extensive academic background in fine art, also studied an MA in Art Psychotherapy, which often seems to be reflected in the almost psychedelic colourful expression of her paintings.
Manasseh has also worked in a multitude of collaborations, joining the John Fawcett Foundation project ‘catarart’ in which artists produce works while experiencing the world as if suffering from cataracts thanks to the help of AI. She also works with the Iza Vale Studios to produce exquisite silk garments hand painted with oil.
“Working between observation and found imagery, my work evokes a sense of exotic escapism, whilst commenting on our inherent compulsion to bring nature indoors. Taking inspiration from intricate patterns, the natural landscape and the wilds of my imagination, my work reflects on how we inhabit space through visual identity. I am interested in the process by which imagination can intrude on physical space, influencing how people establish a connection to it. In unknown environments, spaces are re-negotiated, shaping our memories and identity in the landscape.
Deconstructing memories and direct experience into simple forms, my works sit between experience and imagination, and considers the limits of representation in relation to the wholeness of experience. Exploring the fragility of vision and ideas of remixing reality, I think about the relationship between individual and collective memory, my identity within space and my forged identity within new spaces.”

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