Andy Warhol Surfboards by Tim Bessell bring Warhol’s movie “San Diego Surf” and his art together in perfect harmony. In October 2012, Andy Warhol’s 1970’s movie ‘San Diego Surf’ was released for the first time in New York City at the Museum of Modern Art. Timing couldn’t be more perfect with the release of the first series of Warhol Bessell Surfboards hand crafted by Tim Bessell.

Tim Bessell is known worldwide for hand-shaping quality surfboards. At an early age Bessell was exposed to the world of art by his mother and as a result gained an interest and appreciation of the arts that would shape his future to come.  By thirteen he was making a name for himself as a surfer and board shaper in California.  He opened Bessell Surfboards in the early 80’s and by the early 90’s the company had grown into one of the largest surfboard manufacturers in Southern California.  Bessell originally got the idea of making surfboards into an art form after coming across a series of Warhol skateboards by Alien Workshop. “I had seen the line of skateboards and I thought, nobody’s doing surfboards.”  In 2012 he contacted the Andy Warhol Foundation with his idea of collaborating with the infamous artist and after submitting his plan the foundation approved the license.

Bessell’s Artist Series surfboards pay homage to Andy Warhol, an artist who he was influenced by from an early age. Andy Warhol’s art is truly iconic, still achieving instant recognition and incredible sales records even 30 years after his death. The artist, director and producer was a leading figure in the Pop Art movement. His works span a variety of media including painting, silk-screening, photography, film, and sculpture along-side exploring the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertising, all of which flourished in 1960s New York.Bessell has drawn inspiration from Warhol’s iconic images through the surfboards he has become renowned for.

Released in very limited editions, these handmade works were released in collaboration with the Warhol Foundation, taking Andy Warhol’s graphics and combining them with his most popular surfboard shapes.

Bessell has exhibited at numerous venues including: Alexander Salazar Fine Art (San Diego, CA), Peninsula Museum (Monterey, CA), Michael Gallery (New York, NY), Vorpal Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Ines Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) and Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair 2012 among others.

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