Alastair Gibson is a unique sculptor, who combines his knowledge and talent from the Formula 1 industry to create beautiful carbon-fibre sculptures. Drawing inspiration from his 22 years of experience and challenges in the motorsport industry, along with his passion for sea and wildlife, Alastair creates exquisite, aero and hydrodynamic sculptures in seamless form.

He has developed and expanded his sculptural range to win worldwide recognition, with work at the intersection and cutting edge of both Art and Engineering. Each unique edition in Gibson’s portfolio uses current F1 car parts, to which he has rare and privileged access, that accentuate the detailing of all the finer features.

Every sculpture comes with its own specification sheet itemising precisely the F1 heritage of the car parts and their production/part numbers that have been incorporated into each sculpture. For example, the mounting of the first ‘Carbon king’ edition 1/6 was, in a previous life, the titanium barrel from the gearbox of Jenson Button’s 2006 race winning Hungarian Grand Prix Formula One car.

Alastair himself was born in 1962 near Johannesburg, and his schooling was followed by two years compulsory national service in the South African army. Exposure to marine life during annual family vacations on the Natal South Coast inspired Alastair to take sculpture classes at an early age but his artistic work was then put on hold for his advanced engineering work in F1.

Such is his success that in 2016, Gibson was commissioned by Channel 4 to create a bespoke manta ray sculpture as a retirement gift for Jenson Button, which was presented to him by David Coulthard at the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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